How far have you gone?

How many kilometers has your penis, vagina, anus, mouth, or tongue covered?

You never thought you needed this information but now you'll never be able to think of sex without thinking of kilometers and distances!

What's being calculated?

pistonIn the image you can see a moving piston, however with a little effort you can imagine what this piston and the case around it represent! "Every object moving in a reciprocal fashion covers a distance, traveling in both ways." The sum of these distances is what is being calculated on It works both for men and women!

How does it help me?

Well, apart from being a fun thing to measure; some users that had issues with the duration of the intercourse, said that it is easier for them to think in terms of distance than having sex with the time in mind. It just gets some stress away when having sex.

How can I use it?

By using you can calculate your lifetime sex distance, or the distance covered during any period of time. For example you can find out the distance covered by your penis, vagina, anus, mouth or tongue last time you had sex; just enter the necessary data: your maximum penetration depth, set "1" for times, then the speed (Note: Using the arrow keys on the keyboard can be more precise). Finally what makes it even more fun is the fact that you can enter the place you had sex and see how far from there you have gone on the map! Finally if you are proud of your result you can easily Share it on Facebook or Twitter!

"If your penis, vagina, anus, mouth, or tongue were cars this would have been the distance they would have covered! Your sex distance!"

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What people say:

During the first two months of my relationship with Adam I have covered more distance than in my previous two relationships together!

Veronica, 26, NY

I calculate my miles on every time I have sex. I keep statistics about my performance this way. Great idea!

Marco, 32, Verona Italy

I categorize my relationships in a new way: Name | Time-it-lasted | Distance. Genius!

Anonymous, 27, France

You made me think of my distance during sex!

Anna, 29, Holland

The cheapest way to get a girl a trip around the world!

Walter, Poland

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