Response Formats

The formats currently provided return the same results, but you can choose the one suitable for your software.
The result of the request is the sex distance in meters.


The JSON format is very simple and can be used in your Javascript or many other languages.


The XML format is very simple and can be parsed easily.

Making Requests

To calculate the sexdistance simply request a URL to let the server know what you need.



The parameters that should be passed to the URL are the following:

depth This is the penetration depth in centimeters.
times This is how many times someone did it.
duration This is how long the act lasted in minutes.
speed This is the average speed of the act.
Valid values:
  • slow
  • normal
  • fast
  • veryfast
option This is to choose wether to calculate regular sex distance or tongue's distance.
Valid Values:
  • tongue
  • sex
apikey This is your public api key. Contact us to get yours.
format This is the desired output format.
Valid Values:
  • json
  • xml


Images to use in your Sexdistance API Applications.


If you have any feature requests please let us know.
Please report any issues that you may find.
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